Member at Large

Tovah Denaro is the owner and lead consultant of Innovative Behavioral Consulting, supporting school districts and non-profit organizations across the state of Washington. She works with adults to support youth, ages 3 to 18, who are historically minoritized within the intersecting systems they are a part of; specifically, LGBTQIA+ youth, BIPOC, youth in Special Education, and youth who are currently incarcerated. This work includes being an advisor and consultant for school districts to create gender-neutral spaces and language, implementing gender inclusive reproductive and sexual health curriculum, and creating meaningful educational opportunities for adults grounded in establishing a sense of belonging and inclusionary systems for queer youth. All of her work focuses on Culturally Responsive and Trauma-Sensitive practices that are research-based and practical for adults to implement immediately. Tovah is currently a Doctoral Candidate through the University of Southern California in K-12 Urban Education.

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