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Originally established and heavily managed for most of the Rainbow Center’s history by volunteers, the Rainbow Center’s past and present have been, and will continue to be as we move forward, significantly influenced by the many contributions of our dedicated volunteers.

The Rainbow Center’s mission of expanding resources and safe space for the LGBTQ community through education, advocacy, and celebration is rooted in, and made possible by, the community involvement and reciprocity fostered through the act of volunteering.

We thank our volunteers who have been with us since the Rainbow Center’s inception, and every volunteer who has joined us along the way — from our Board to our weekly volunteers, each has made an impact on our ability to continue serving the community in new and dynamic ways.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Rebecca our volunteer coordinator, at [email protected] or give her a call at the Rainbow Center at (253) 383-2318 ext 107.

Interested in Volunteering for the Rainbow Center?  Join us for an informational session that will get you started! You’ll learn everything a volunteer needs to know about the Rainbow Center services, our space, our employees, and our volunteer policies. Our next orientation is Wednesday, January 23 from 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

RSVP for the January 23rd Volunteer Orientation here.

Questions? Need a bit more info? Email Rebecca at [email protected].

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