Queer Power Nation

These amazing groups and organizations, affectionately referred to as the Queer Power Nation are the groups that host meetings at the Rainbow Center.  Click on the links below for more information about each group.

FREE rapid HIV testing. Provided by Pierce County AIDS Foundation (PCAF).

This is a group for parents of transgender, gender diverse, and gender-nonconforming children and teens. Kids activities and Gender Diversity teen group meet in conjunction with parent support group.

Tacoma Tmen is a peer-facilitated discussion group for people who were assigned female at birth, who do not identify as female. This includes those who identify as male, men of trans experience, FtM, trans men, transmasculine, trans*, genderqueer, genderfluid, gender-non-conforming, non-binary, or are questioning their gender identity

G.A.S.S. meetings generally involve a bit of socializing, and a discussion of topics of interest. Snacks are usually available. The confidentiality and privacy of all attendees is always respected.

This group is for Queer families in the Puget Sound area that are looking to engage in an active group of outings and community providing support and resources! Queer is Queer….whatever that means to you…you are welcome here. Whether you have grown kiddos, young kiddos, are expecting, are trying to start your family- this group is for you!

This book club focuses on LGBTQ books, themes and authors. All are welcome.